The Future of Video Production

Video Rescue is a global online professional editing service that's fast and affordable for video and audio content creators who need the help of experienced editors, colorists, graphics specialists, sound engineers and other post-production talent.
We've made it fast and easy to create authentic video content that connects with your customers or your audience. And, we've kept our prices affordable so you can create enough content to satisfy the demands of video consumers.
Whether it's one video or four, we only quote the time it takes for us to tune up, edit and prepare your content for broadcast on social media channels, your online store or website. 
Our experience combined with high-tech software and super fast systems means that we can complete your projects in a very short time and for great value.
We are thrilled to offer a service that gives you the freedom to be creative, experiment and show the passion for what you do, without the worry of technical issues and navigating complex editing software.
                                Kathleen Rukavina,
                                Co-Founder & CEO, Video Rescue Inc.

What we do.

We turn your original content into professional videos
to fit any purpose & budget.

"They edited our rough footage shot by non-professionals into a seamless, professional final product. Video Rescue worked quickly, efficiently and within our nonprofit budget."

Anna, Alberta Recreation & Parks Association

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Extensive post-production experience, world-class hardware and tools, combined with professionals who have produced projects for some of the world's largest brands. 

Our experts in video and sound design have produced commercials, corporate videos, internal and sales presentations, music videos, albums, documentaries, interviews plus much more.

Add years of pro editing experience
into all of your videos



With our blazing fast systems and efficient process, we significantly reduce the time it takes to treat and edit video and audio material, which means a lower cost to you.

We quote a flat hourly rate, depending on the length of time it takes to complete your video or audio project. Transparent pricing with no surprises.

Professional video & audio editing
for every budget.



We make it fast and easy for you to turn your original content into finished professional-looking and sounding videos.


Our system of receiving, processing and treating your content can take as few as 48 hours, making it quick turnaround to post, share and promote your brand, your products, your organization, or your audience.

Content that's ready to play
in as few as 48 hours

We accept orders 24/7, with online editors and production staff operating Monday-Saturday throughout Canada & Europe.