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Fast, affordable video & audio pro editing

The easy way to save thousands of dollars on

professional video production

We've introduced a fast, easy and affordable editing service that will transform your original video and audio material into finished videos so that they're ready to play on all of your favorite social media channels, your online store, website and everywhere else you use video.

Simply record video clips of your products, how you make them, how your customers can use them, how you deliver your services, comments from your staff or your customers, footage of your location to show your customer experience. 


We can create finished videos with material recorded on everything from smartphones, DSLRs, action cameras and drones to professional video cameras and give it a professional look and sound.

We specialize in fixing video and audio material with technical issues, enhancing picture, skin tones, and stabilization. We can recover footage that may otherwise be unusable. 

Your content + Professional editors = Authentic eye-catching videos

We give your videos the pro look & sound +

beautiful colors

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Live Show Recording
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Professional video & audio editing packages

Pro Editing Package

We trim, cut and clean all of your video and audio footage for one or more finished videos of any length. Then we create a story layout, add titles, basic graphics, brand elements and background music. Finished and delivered in any format. Full HD or 4K.

Starting at $199

The pro editing package is perfect for testimonials, product demonstrations, interviews, corporate videos, YouTube channel content and internal presentations. 

Pro Editing Package +

Motion Graphics

All pro editing services for one or more finished videos of any length plus customized motion graphics and logo reveals.  Finished and delivered in any format. Full HD or 4K.

Starting at $599

The motion graphics package is perfect for commercials, explainer videos and social media advertisements.

Video Campaigns

We create two or more story layouts from your material for multiple social media formats for one or more finished videos of any length. All pro editing services + motion graphics and logo reveals included. Full HD or 4K.

Starting at $799

The video campaign package is perfect for brand building, event marketing, product and company launches. 

Prices include final edits and changes until your satisfied.

For more information, visit Services and Pricing.

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Video camera

Custom-finished videos in as few as 48 hours

Pro tune-up + professional editing 

You need videos ASAP but your time is more valuable spent on the things that matter most to your business; 

growing your sales or your audience.

Imagine being able to simply upload your video material, photos, audio files and other content and have it transformed into professional-looking and sounding finished video in as few as 48 hours and for a price that fits any budget.

Once you send us your material, our post-production professionals trim, clean and optimize all of your footage and create a story layout. Then we add beautiful color grading, exciting transitions, visual graphics, subtitles and just the right music choices.


Your videos can be ready to play for important presentations, product launches and sharing across any platform.

Great looking & sounding videos.

Great value.

Fast, affordable video & audio pro editing

Why you should use Video Rescue



You'll get finished videos in as few as 48 hours

Flat hourly rate that fits any budget.


There are only a few simple steps.


Experienced video & audio editors are on-board for every project.


Get authentic content that reflects you and your needs.

We've taken a time consuming and expensive process and created a simple, affordable way to get professional looking and sounding videos. Many services can be provided for budgets of $500 to $1000

We accept orders 24/7, with online editors and production staff operating Monday-Saturday throughout Canada & Europe. 

See our FAQs for supported languages

We accept all major credit cards, e-transfer and wire transfers

For better quality material watch our Tips & Tricks Tutorials

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